Add the Finishing Touches to Your Wedding Plan

Read about our ceremony services in Tallahassee, FL

Your big day should be everything you've dreamed of. That's why Dearly Beloved Weddings LLC offers additional wedding ceremony services in Tallahassee, FL. Maybe you need help writing your vows. We offer custom vow writing for when the right words won't come. You may need a professional wedding photographer. We can do that, too. You'll get beautiful photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Your marriage ceremony will go off without a hitch when you hire us. Call 850-210-8454 now to learn more about our services.

Fall in love with the perfect wedding

Looking for something else to add to your marriage ceremony? Our à la carte services include:

  • Providing chocolate covered strawberries
  • Supplying wine glasses, face masks and rose petals
  • Creating custom t-shirts, pillows and blankets

We're happy to accommodate your wishes. Hire us for wedding ceremony services in Tallahassee, FL today.